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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Do you have children and if so how do you deal with these issues?

Leaders have always been corrupt, so what? do you stop having children because the world is unfair? look at people in third world countries, do they stop having children despite having huge disadvantages compared to western kids.

The reality is we live in an unfair world and all you can do is to educate kids as to the best way to live to the best standard they can.
Have you logged in the right account?
I have a grandson and Im gutted for the choices they have to make for him, we shouldnt have these eugenics programs by Bill Gates and the rest to contend with.. Because we are not ruthless enough with money and people?
Who says money is the best measure of mankind?

What has third world countries got to do with the topic?
Dont you think people having lots of children there is their only guarantee of survival? They can out breed the disease and continue their gene pool in Africa, after all they have been subject through vaccines over the years, the slaughters, etc..They are still there because they have good sperm count..
What happens to the demographic of established old nations with low a sperm count?
They get replaced..

So you can educate your children the best you can, the question is, would you let them inject them with substances unknown before the child is old enough to choose for themselves?
Its a tough one isnt it?
Like I said its something that should not be, its wrong on so many levels
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