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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
You agree with them wiping out our sperm count, because..people!
(so the people who agree with surreptitiously placing chemicals to lower the sperm count,those chemicals should rightly go to people who agree with such monstrous that simpler now?)

You are the sensitive one here, take 5, go for a walk, get some fresh air..
You are being played with the over populated bollocks and the low resources too
Scarcity = MORE MONEY!
So you are saying the population is not growing? can you prove that or is it that you just want to adhere to a belief that calls every official claim a lie?

If there is less money for us peasant then we simply cant buy luxury items that we take for granted in the west and then the rich stop accumulating wealth, in effect cutting off one of the sources of their wealth. Maybe you just want to consume at an unchecked rate and hope that their is no long term effect or maybe you prefer to think that there is nothing wrong with the world and its all a lie to keep us in fear when in fact there are real problems?

Wiping out sperm count would reduce the population to zero, so who would serve the elite and keep them in their ways? they would be damaging themselves by reducing their own slaves would they not? and what about those who believe that reptilians need negative energy to feed off? if the population is reduced to a very small number by the supposedly reptilian serving elite then wont these ET's have less emotional energy to feed off? seems to me that people want to believe in various conspiracies that actually cancel each other out, or maybe they are just willing to believe without really thinking about what they claim?

Also, if money is just numbers on a screen like Icke says, then surely they have no real value and therefore no real power.
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