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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
You can use a bin bag if short of money.

Steppe will show you HOW TO exactly.... (block light out of your room)
OMG This is not good ... He's doing this "so he can sleep in in the morning!!"

If there's is one thing that's more important than heat it's light ... people in northern latitudes don't get enough light ... this leads to depression and early death ...

Oh ... isn't that what happened to stepwar ?....Dahh!!

Get long johns , and layers of cloths on , and get out in the sunlight , don't barackade yourself in a room with CO emitting candles.


I had to watch that video again !!!...It's hard to believe someone could be so off track !!! Very funny , and very sad!!!

Thank goodness we don't have people like that on this forum.

The comments on this video are also sidesplitters , this one is the first comment on Youtube ...

"You're that twat steppenwar off that nutty david icke site ain't you? The barmy bastard with the death cars outside your house? fucking nut job! You wanna get a job instead of sponging off your parents you no mark! Fancy boasting you get £100 a week pocket off two pensioners cos you're too lazy to get a proper job, but get pissed every day on home brew, you fucking loser!?"

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