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Originally Posted by elpressiedente View Post
....The only answer is to Legalise all Drugs and end the business of jailing people as the business of Population control...
USA might lead the world in many things but that is no recommendation to blindly follow suit though Canada with it's large open borders with the US might be expected to do so and even then it will take some time for City, State and the Canadian government to integrate it into workable legislation.

One downside of legalizing all drugs is the open opportunity for foreigh goverments (or criminal gangs operating out of foreign countries) to completely flood a country with very cheap drugs and it's also open to question whether such a course will automatically improve crime statistics. Canada currently has a population of around 35 million and NZ less that 5 million so predictions as to the effect on the UK if it went down that road might not be straightforward.
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