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Ole Nixon declared War on Drugs and the jail population went from 100 to 800 per 100,000 population.

Declaring war on drugs created millions of jobs to arrest, prosecute, judge, jail, feed and manufacture barb wire etc. Its very good for business of milking the Herd.

The British Penal Colony Mindset of Slaves and Marks of the Beast is promoted by morons who want to make a Medicinal Herb an Object of War.

There will always be Morons on both sides. And some of these Morons will actually have a case. It doesnt make them "right". They wish to penalize you for free will. So they are Wrong Morons and there's no getting away from that.

So Bush came along and Declared the War on Terror, which essentially is war on mankind. So they created an industry not on incarceration but on maiming and killing.

So the Military Killing Complex can send pentagoons into Smackghanistan to guard the opium so production could increase 10 fold the year after Bush declared war on Terror.

They NEED DRUGS and TERROR as they go hand in hand with more things being ILLEGAL so the Business of Milking the Herd can be profitable.

The only answer is to Legalise all Drugs and end the business of jailing people as the business of Population control.

Its much better to let them rot in council flats smoking in front of their children than to put them in jail and send Military Killing Goons to keep the supply of Crimes statistics on the up and up.

Unless this is all a plan for a subversive war on Whitie.
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