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Originally Posted by serpentine View Post
I trust people (young people and those with and without the responsibility of bringing up children)I will educate them on the origins and sanctitiy of plants and herbs and how the globalists have replaced Mother Nature with their pass times ,through their own greed and evilness they have confused. I vow to not bow to this evil peer pressure, of any sort of their nefarious activity.

Unfortunately there are some households out there in the UK (some with three generations of drug users pharmaceutical and forbidden, users of Aspartame MSG fluoride to name but a few of them) where adults openly smoke in front of their children and openly deal with drugs, forbidden and pharmaceutical, sugar, bad food, bad TV , influential violent competitive video games, lack of rest from the grind, and no support, thus affecting their ability to educate their children and ultimately causing antisocial behavior of their children in the nearby community, sent out as a smokescreen to hide the parents depression and shame of their label of drug dealing activities.

In any case rather than using this country as a test bed all the time for weather control, playing with Mother Natures frequencies, Radar 5G etc etc etc, You liberal minded/progressive/globalist thinking, let's sit back and watch what happens in 50 years when you look back and say 'I cant believe we made it so difficult for everyone, what horrible people we were, we are glad we changed and made a fairer society for everyone everything has balanced out, Hell the honey bee population in NZ alone has rocketed without those frequencies and we can only see it improving more over the coming years.
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