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Originally Posted by revlovejoy View Post
He wasn't beheaded.
That's right, the beheaded bit was reported and stuck in people's minds to fuel the shock and hatred no doubt, it changed to an attempted beheading, it had to, the cub lady reckoned she took Rigger's pulse, who'd check a headless corpses pulse?
I'm sure it was reported early on they had also attempted to disembowel the guy.
There was a picture in the sun a few days ago of the body in the road, the clearest I've seen yet, it clearly showed there was no blood on the exposed torso of the body or on the clothing which had a white design printed on, the clothing looked perfectly Intact too.
Remarkably good condition to say he'd been run over, and hacked at with knives and cleavers.
The lack of blood on the shy guy in the light coloured coat is also quite telling.
I'll go along with the 'he's dead' story for arguments sake though I saw no actual tears from the family members in the news conference.

Who's to say he hadn't committed suicide or something as many soldiers do (more than have been killed in combat apparently)so they used his body for the event.

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