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Excellent Vern

What could be more rebellious than humanity believing were all sacred and beautiful and worthy of each others time? If we believed that no authoritative power was greater than the authority of our hearts ruling our world? Its focus. where we gaze we walk I say we simply need to look in the right direction and release everything that's holding us back , be it within our minds or within this farce of a system. We don't have to be enlightened we just need to be light, and nothing is more lightening than joyfully expressing life together in ways that benefit everything.

Heres my belief system
Were all equal
power systems are a mirage
the joy and amazement I feel for life is my law
separation is illusory
differences make us wise
Money is an immature expression of personal effort
a life lived from heart is a life lived above law

the real problem in the world is belief, if you believe they can do this and that they will, if you don't believe they can we will likely rise up and say "uhhhm no, I realize you have this might huge and deceptive thingy going here but no, it wont exist but thanks for stopping by"

Here is another interesting video, about wisdom being dangerous to society
by Osho:

. if people are wise, they cannot be exploited. . . They will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them. . . The moment they start using their intelligence they become dangerous . . . In fact, a wise man is a fire, alive, a flame . . . he would rather die than be enslaved.”--Osho
The belief that society exists has sabotaged every effort to change mankind. It is the reason why revolutions have failed. It is about a totally different revolution: the revolution in the heart of the individual.

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