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Originally Posted by knightbk View Post
Iceland brought it on themselves over the last 4 years when Fishermen were becoming "traders" over night and dealing in derivatives, building million dollar homes and importing $50k vehicles from Europe to drive. They built huge sums of wealth by pushing paper around, like most other countries in the world and then it collapsed.

There is no "war against Iceland", the people lost their minds doing stupid things and the result was billions in lost dollars.

If you truly think that somebody "set them up" on purpose, you would be bordering on insanity.

It is the same as people in California who took out $850k mortgages when they were making $50k a year. Obviously, the mortgage people are complicit, but did the people who took out these huge mortgages not ever realize they have to pay that money back at some point? duh. There wasn't some NWO or Illuminati or whatever the fuck dumbasses here like to say, behind it.

sorry mate, but you need to realise that finance has long been a weapon of economic warfare


economic warfare
international law

the use of, or the threat to use, economic means against a country in order to weaken its economy and thereby reduce its political and military power. Economic warfare also includes the use of economic means to compel an adversary to change its policies or behaviour or to undermine its ability to conduct normal relations with other countries. Some common means of economic warfare are trade embargoes, boycotts, sanctions, tariff discrimination, the freezing of capital assets, the suspension of aid, the prohibition of investment and other capital flows, and expropriation.
Browns use of Anti-Terrorism legislation to illegally seize Icelandic assests was a prime use of an economic weapon (lest that fall down the "memory" hole)

Care to put an economic value on the natural resources of Iceland?

If you look at the "power" of the west throughout the 20 century, the use of debt enslavement to secure other nations natural resources for the ongoing profit of western corporations at the expense of the poverty of most of the world is endemic

And what else was an Independant and solvent Iceland a direct threat to? The resource exploitation ambitions of the EU....

I understand your cynicism about "everything" being part of an ongoing plan by "the illuminati".... but its equally credulous and naive to believe NOTHING has manipulated purpose to it... although of course, thinking like that is a gift to those who DO manipulate, and the international money markets are on big manipulation: in favour of those with power to ensure those without don't get

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