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Iceland brought it on themselves over the last 4 years when Fishermen were becoming "traders" over night and dealing in derivatives, building million dollar homes and importing $50k vehicles from Europe to drive. They built huge sums of wealth by pushing paper around, like most other countries in the world and then it collapsed.

There is no "war against Iceland", the people lost their minds doing stupid things and the result was billions in lost dollars.

If you truly think that somebody "set them up" on purpose, you would be bordering on insanity.

It is the same as people in California who took out $850k mortgages when they were making $50k a year. Obviously, the mortgage people are complicit, but did the people who took out these huge mortgages not ever realize they have to pay that money back at some point? duh. There wasn't some NWO or Illuminati or whatever the fuck dumbasses here like to say, behind it.

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