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Unless you unplug the PC at the mains socket or switch it off at the mains socket (and bizarrely many countries don't have a switch on the mains socket! Now why is that...?), the power supply often is still energised at a low level.

Most desktop PCs are housed in an earthed metal case, so you're not at risk from EM radiation from the electronics. But if you're worried by all the EMF "radiation" described in alternative health websites, then you must put ferrite toroids (chokes) on all the leads coming out of your equipment. The small ones you see fitted on the PC cables don't do much. Where possible pay extra for earthed and shielded interconnecting cables for all your PC and home entertainment equipment.

Test the effectiveness by holding a portable AM radio round the wires before and after you have done this. Using ferrite like this is standard practice in industry for technical reasons, but rarely on domestic equipment.

Most of my home entertainment equipment (apart from the PC) is all valve/tube construction similar to the second image stereo amplifier and TV in the video. Even both of my PC monitors are valve/tube design and I have an old bakelite dial phone. Unhackable, no 'dirty mains', no hidden mics, hardly any EMF fields, EMP proof, repairable, durable, and remarkably still obtainable - if you know where to look - so I'm pretty confident I can't be harassed electronically in my own home, even if 'They' thought my dull life worthy of such activity. No doubt TPTB are trying to strangle the availability of this legacy equipment, so get this stuff while you still can...


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