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I always get nervous when I see these stories posted. I don't know about GS for cell regeneration, but B12 DOES work for sure (I'm on it for my thyroid condition right now). I'm not cured by any means (too early to report anything more yet), but at this point I think it's doing me wonders.

The reason why I get nervous is that it's hard to get the word out to people "underground" so to speak, and not get enough attention to attract those who will pull them off the market. I am scared shitless that these herbs/vitamins/supplements will be banned and what then. ?! Call me paranoid-for good reason.

On another note, if you are a Type 1 diabetic, or using any of these supplements for tissue regeneration due to another autoimmune disease (Thyroid disease, Addison's, etc). then what you need to do first is cut out all allergenic food triggers (gluten, milk, soy, personal allergens, etc.), eat an anti-inflammatory diet (olive oil, salmon, fruit, veggies, etc.), use garlic/oregeno to kill off any low grade chronic infection, and try to balance your PH. Basically, your goal is to cut out YOUR triggers (which will likely include some common ones plus individual allergens), reduce low grade infections (cure if possible), and make it hard for them to return or thrive. Probiotics also helps rebalance your immune system in the gut, key for autoimmune diseases. However, I cannot take probiotics (long story), so I highly suggest them but have no personal experience with them.

Your "success" rate would also probably have to do with how long you have had the disease, how much living cell tissue is left in the organ (if none-your chances may be slim although not impossible, the spleen may be a source for new cells), and some combination involving genetics and your individual circumstances that would allow regeneration. It's not a promise, but it's always worth a shot. Even if this allows someone to get better control of their diabetes, thyroid disease, etc. that's worth something in itself.

The new theory (even mainstream medicine accepts it as the evidence is too strong to refute) is that in at least some cases of autoimmune diseases, the body is under constant attack. In other words, it is trying to heal itself but the disease keeps on going. So even if you implanted cells from an identical twin (without the disease) into a person with the disease, the cells would be destroyed all over again because the disease process is likely still there. So to cure the disease, you need to address it's root cause. Before, it was thought that in Type 1 diabetes, for example, all of the beta cells were killed off, the attack was gone, and a transplant would cure the disease. Doesn't seem to be the case. The disease process (for most) is still there.

P.S. If anyone from Big Pharma/TPTB is reading this post, I am just a whacko hippie health nut whom no one would believe anyway. Not to worry, my advice will not help nor cure or treat any disease. Now run along, nothing to see here folks...

Edit: In reading Blue's post, yes Omega 3 EFA is essential for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes (although the causes are different). You are also very correct about the Vitamin B1. Taking benfothiamine supplements (slow release B1) has shown to reduce or even reverse common diabetic complications. It's used commonly in Germany...good for neurological disorders as well. I also suggest Vitamin C-it may help reduce glycation (or problems from glycation), which essentially is what happens when cells are damaged due to high blood glucose levels.

Oh and while you can most definitely use natural sources of B12, etc. I have found that I require MASSIVE doses (15 mg sublingual) to cause the desired effect. For healing purposes, it would probably be hard to obtain from diet, your own garden for herbs, etc if your disease was advanced and/or severe. I know this would be ideal, but I have found that unless I am taking high dose sublingual supplements, I don't get the effect I need (note that I have an extremely severe form of thyroid disease).

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