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GHW Bush allegedly threatened J.Edgar Hoover with one of those guns over some leaked memos in and around the time of JFK's assassination.

That gun is 50 years old now, they have all kinds of methods, much tinier apparatus. But we all speculate on how "they" can do certain things, well that gun alone is how they can trigger a heart attack and leave no trace.

I think microwave tech has been around for a while and TBH think that directed microwaves are the cause of what's come to be called "Spontaneous Human Combustion" , because people don't explode. We don't have blast furnace stomachs, just skin, muscle and hydrochloric acid. We don't have favorable internal conditions for that "phenomena" to occur.

I think they were testing microwave tech on unsuspecting people since the 18th century. With a BS cover story that of course had the added bonus of making people think that they might explode too, and it ass covered for all future experiments. "SHC" hasn't happened in a long time.
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