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In addition to the backstory of the Catholic Church that they tried to keep hidden, if you really put it into perspective and think about. If you don't sugar coat it. Its kind of like that scene in the movie Ghost in a Shell where he goes "they didn't save your life, they took it from you". I mean, y'all could of had your own cultures and not had war after war after war, and genocide after genocide.

And keeping your boys men, yeah...…….and your girls good in todays world if you get what I mean. Minus the rare places in Spanish speaking countries, b/c Mother Mary represents and took the place of the Mother Goddess aspect. They love her and adore her, everyone else -- it don't matter much, and or are completely taken over by Saturn doctrine VIA the Catholic Church itself.

just perspective. Its really Neanderthal levels of justifying this crap. We all believe, well most of us here, in personal responsibility and consequences for one's actions, so when is the Catholic Church gonna see "its (karmatic) day"??? All the Native Americans they used to round al (even in the 1970s/80s they were still doing it, even still land grabs) , all the wars, all the lives they have ruined for 2,000 years.'

I know my enemy well. Too well to be exact, and let me tell you what Saturn likes more then the Kabbalah, the Catholic Church and boys!!!!! They are essentially churning out souls to him personally faster then most, as in not that many folks are in the Kabbalah community. You gotta have that gay - money/power loving education early. That's all I can say.

He didn't steal my life and couldn't take it from me.

Standing in awe? Shaking ones fist. We can compile a list here.
Peace, Love, Sage, and Orion's Belt!!

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