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Packing my stuff preparing to leave in a hurry right upon this one, but I don’t like to see people being misled when I believe they are… Yet Carlin was a showman and as such must bear criticism by the public.

I found this article…

Now look at how biased people are, because I’m sure that such a coincidence regarding anyone else would draw suspicion… but how they make the connection here is by pretending Carlin had ‘predicted’ 911…

Also I found this one…

“I don’t care who gets killed,” Carlin declares at one point. “As long as it’s not me or someone close to me. Although to tell you the truth, if it’s a nice, big disaster, something good, the people close to me are on their own .?.?. . It’s not my responsibility.”

And what if they’re children ? I too might say I’d feel more pain seeing a dog being ran over than if it’s a guy or a woman, but it’s not true… I’d only state it as a provocation. Those laughing out loud in the public should be shown pictures of war or mass graves and then say if it’s that funny…

No wonder Carlin bought a jet and hired pilots to take him on tours, and maybe not as a ‘tax shelter’ (Wiki)… I think there must be a limit to cynicism and dark humor like to everything. As about religion, everyone knows or should have known it’s an allegory, priests first of all as it’s their job, so pretending to ridicule faith by taking religion to the word to my view means being either stupid or dishonest. Some do take the word because it’s their way to have faith and you won’t change their mind : you’ll only make a fool of yourself.

I neither like George Carlin’s shows or his work as a whole, but the more I learn about him and the more I dislike the man himself, because not only would he spread a nightmarish vision of society and the world, but he seemed to be a hardened misanthrope.

And if there’s one thing I believe you should never lose faith in it’s the mankind, not yourself, any person or an entity but people in their whole, because whether you want it or not you need your fellowmen whether you’re an international businessman or a poor African villager.

My wonder is : would you have then listened to the same guy telling you about a world conspiracy to enslave the mankind ?
Carlin to my view isn’t someone who at one time had a ‘revelation’, but a light comedy actor who once joined in the truther’s movement as a niche to further his career.

It’s a victory whenever you can get people to change their mind, but Carlin doesn’t make me feel like he’s willing to do so, I feel hypocrisy and deceit in his speech and acting.

If I got his message well Earth is fine (ecologists are wrong), but ‘people’ are bad and he ends up stating that people are stupid motherf!ckers he’d like to see all dead. So to my sense he incriminates the populations and denies the damages caused to the environment by the elite and their big companies.

Call me an idiot if you want but not for being disliking George Carlin. There are much better reasons why I’m one out there…

That said, so long folks…

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