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Apart from the fact that living in a christian society, gave him a chance of living the life he got to live.

I am always amazed how these hollywood people speak out against religion, but they certainly enjoyed living in a civilised society based on a religion.

It was not the voodoo practising hollywood demons, that brought about the society that carlin grew up in, and had a chance to make his life in.

You notice people like carlin, never once asked you to imagine a world if catholic church did not exist? What sort of world, would it had been if christianty was never given to the masses in europe?

I will tell you, without the catholic church, there would of been no civilised society anywhere.

People like carlin loved rubbishing religion, but if catholic church never existed, they would of been brought up in a society of darkside religions, where there is no respect for anything, other then your selfish self.
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So true

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