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Originally Posted by blakeriede View Post
here is a posting at a forum i frequent and it is claiming that we are not apart of the milky way galaxy.....

and here is another posting in which i created about ian lungold's observations:

ok so the Tzolkin (count of days) calendar is a 260 day cycle calendar
The long coount (13 baktun cycle calendar) is also of a 260 unit construction of 260 katuns.
each katun is just under 20 years (around 19.7)
the 260 katuns can be mapped out on the same grid structures as the tzolkin (based on human gestation, or one of the pyramids)
20 days = 1 uinal = 0.
18 uinals = 1 tun of 360 days 0.0.
20 tuns = 1 katun 0.0.0.
20 katuns = 1 baktun
13 baktuns = from 3114 B.C. - 2012 A.D. (1,872,000 days - around 5125 years)
5125 years x 5 = 25,625 years or About 1 orbit around the milky way galaxy ;D
20 baktuns = 1 piktun
20 piktuns = 1 kalabtun
20 kalabtuns - 1 kinchiltun
20 kinchiltuns = 1 alautun (roughly 65,000,000 tuns) roughly 64 million years

so if 5 13 baktun cycles is about 1 orbit of our solar system around the milky way (about 25,625 years) how would we find the exact date we were born on?

what is the 1 orbit (25,625 years) called the "great year" or something?

so instead of saying something like"Hi my name is such and such and i was born on gregorian 1978" and associating yourself with the gregorian year and instead say something like "i was born on the year 21,234 and the date today is 21,240 which makes me 16 years old " (because thats within the confines of the 1 orbit measurement of about 25,625 years) ;D

and then we would have to figure out which time period of the galaxy we are in (i.e. how old is the milky way galaxy, or andromeda galaxy or whatever galaxy you live in) and you could add that measurement to it. and when you encounter a alien or a human from a different galaxy you could tell him you are from a galaxy which is for example 5 million years old and he is from a galaxy which is 6 million years and you could shake hands and agree on this and have peace between your galaxies and this would spread accrossed the universe and the whole universe would be awesome because everybody would know the truth and be friendly! (hypothetically)


thoughts please? lol
and please correct any miscalculations or informational inaccuracies please if you can
Great idea but it gives me a head ache just even contemplating trying to calculate it LoL.
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