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Default Mayan Calendar-Mar 9- Universal Underworld begins

On March 9, the Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar begins, blowing open the walls of human perception and freeing us to experience our cosmic nature as divine co-creators. This initiation lasts through October 28, 2011, and signals another quantum acceleration of consciousness evolution. (Based on the work of Mayan scholar Carl Johan Calleman

The ancient and prophetic Mayan calendar is ending. The new year features six eclipses, and four outer planets change signs in 2011. The writing's on the wall. The year is all about change.
Not that recent years haven't rocked our reality. In 2011, the energies are more complex. As the evolution of consciousness accelerates on Earth, we're able to download and integrate increasingly intense cosmic frequencies that further speed up the process. More and more quickly, we're learning to adapt.

"Think back to the rather chaotic period of April through August of 2010. Now multiply that upheaval by a factor of 20, lengthen the period of volatility and subtract maybe one or two units of intensity, and you’ve got the basic idea of what to expect in 2011."

If you’re going the empowered route, in this new year it’s time to…
- Ride the wave of change
- Deepen your spiritual practice
- Get clear on your values and set priorities
- Stay grounded
- Stay focused
- Stay positive
- Take action
- Live your purpose
- Create with intent
- Practice discernment
- Expect miracles
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