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Default Bayrock and the Kazakh trio

Rothschild really is one giant “octopus” that effectively has a monopoly through all industries and political flavours.

It’s really amazing; I’ve been looking very hard for information on Bayrock that for years was in business with Donald Trump.
I only had to look for Salford to find the Rothschild link; see the following quote from this post on Bayrock:
Rixos owns 20 hotels across the world, mostly in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and UAE, with an annual revenue of around half a billion euro. Sembol is one of Turkey’s leading construction companies; its turnover is estimated at nearly $1.5 billion, mostly through public contracts in Kazakhstan, and also building 4 Rixos hotels. Secret documents disclosed by Football Leaks show that by a hidden arrangement Tevfik Arif owns a majority share in Rixos and Sembol.
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) decrees that a new committee will decide on investments, which includes Tevfik, Fettah Tamince, Mutlu Simayli, and Eugene Jaffe of Salford Capital Partners. Salford is a London based investment firm that was reputedly owned by the deceased oligarchs Badri Patarkatsishvili (from Georgia) and Boris Berezovsky (from Russia). In 2010 and 2011, the Arifs provided Berezovsky – under his alias “Platon Elenin” - with 2 unsecured loans totalling 6.5 million GBP (around 8 million Euros).

When I searched for more information on Salford, it was very difficult to find the following story, which is very similar to “big story” on how Rothschild took over the complete economy of former Yugoslavia. I’ve also found some more good stuff.
Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Most of the information on the financial interests of Rothschild in former Yugoslavia is from:
(archived here:
Salford is an investment fund of Nathaniel “Nat” Rothschild located in the Virgin Islands, where Boris Berezovsky is the second man.
Salford was founded in 2001 by Eugene Geffy, who made his career in the Russian Alfa bank, which is connected to Boris Berezovsky and Friedman.
On Salford’s committee is “Lord” Tim Bell, who is very close to Berezovsky, Rupert Murdoch, Viktor Yuschenko, and Boris Yeltsin. The president of Salford is Klaus Mangel, who partnered with Berezovsky.
Nat has boasted of having excellent relations with Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska’s company Rusal bought KAP (The Alluminium Plant Podgorica) and through its affiliate Salamon, took over the bauxite mine in Niksic. Rusal and Glenkor often act together.

The International Crisis Group (ICG), led by George Soros, is very active in the region and was financed by Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and former Chase Manhattan Bank CEO David Rockefeller.
Some of the people involved with ICG are Marti Ahtisari, James Lion, Morton Abramovich, Louise Arbour, Brzezinski, Mihail Hodorkovski, Thorvald Stoltenberg, and Wesley Clark.
Wesley Clark was the NATO commander that bombed the hell out of Serbia in 1999.

Donald Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, has worked for Rothschild for decades, and occupied a management position at Mittal.
International Mineral Resources (IMR) is part of the Eurasian Natural Resources group (ENCR). The ENRC and Alferon are chaired by Johannes Sittard, who was the right hand man of Lakshmi Mittal. Mittal invested $100 million in Alferon.
Alferon is owned by the Kazakh trio, Alexander Mashkevich, Alijan Ibragimov, and Patokh Chodiev.
Mashkevich is also a member of the ENRC:
(archived here:

IMR/Alferon acquired the nickel plant Ferronikeli Complex, LLC in Kosovo:

This became a little controversial because Alferon received the approval from the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), even though they were not the highest bidder, with (only) 33 million Euros.
US-Albanian Adi Nickel’s bid was 49.5 million Euros:

See Musa Bazhaev, Alexander Mashkevich, and Tevfik Arif.
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