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Originally Posted by screamingeagle View Post
This is pure BS......actualy its in a league with trump is anti nwo.......
As an example this is the type of thing I was saying disgusts me.

It's not some observed behavior of a life form.

To me its either the bipedal reptile- similar ET has technology by which it would "change shape" or appear to, or....

Is easily able to mentally outsmart and/or overpower human minds, specifically as I said if aristocracy is egotistical and clearly defective if they have sex with children, because it doesn't seem to play into their minds

"thats not a human being, I must not be that, perhaps I will not go along with that"

etc etc.

Hence I don't play into "ET's created humans. Sure you find some freaks and mingling is possible if it's infiltration, but this stuff should have been clear for years."

EDIT; I knew early on all of the U.S.A. side retard political supporters either way were deranged seeming to think things would suit them at all, considering Donald Trump was on that pedo island with that billionaire guy. Silly wankers all over

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