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From people like Alex Collier , Simon Parks , George Kavassilas , Andrew Bartzis and a dozen whistle blowers from the SSP we now have a very clear picture of who the "reptilians" (reps) are ...

They are a collection of about a dozen different species , all bipedal , but of different sizes some 15ft tall others 7 ft ... some with stubby vestigial wings and horns , some who can operate in other dimensions , posses people .

These dozen separate species are constantly at war with each other , and everyone else . They have very high tech , but consider it dishonorable to use it in combat , only do so if the other side does first .

If you or I were to come face to face with one of these creatures , we would probably literally shit ourselves , and curl up in the fetal position on the floor , crying for our mummies ... this is what the super soldier program was all about , torturing the best of the best humans , so they became tough .. could face anything , even reps in combat.

For an account of what it's like to meet them in combat search 'Capt Randy Cramer'

Corey Goode met a rep from one of the most evil subgroups ... he said it was terrifying , the creature could invade his mind , he described it as mental rape . Even his 2 super soldier guards were trembling uncontrollably after the encounter...

Corey Goode's rep encounter

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