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Originally Posted by sweetcheeks View Post

3rd January 1970 View outside Leeds Register office after the wedding of student nurse Barbara Waterhouse and theatre technician Alex Richardson. They both worked at Leeds General Infirmary. Jimmy Savile, disc jockey and television personality, can be seen behind the couple. He acted as the brides chauffeur, driving his own Rolls Royce.

Coming across this photo, I wondered what would make Savile carry out this act of kindness, in the midst of his cycle of abuse. Chauffeuring around the couple on their wedding day, possibly just for the publicity, or given that they both worked at Leeds General Infirmary, was there more to it?

Coincidently 7 years later another Richardson, Irene Richardson, was murdered by the Ripper just beside the Yorkshire home of Savile in Roundhay Park.

As Sutcliffe, who worked at a mortuary during his teen years was to proclaim in court, the 'voices' told him to do it.

On 6 June [1891], Barbara Waterhouse, a young girl of six, disappeared while playing outside her house at Horsforth, Leeds. Despite a frantic search of the area, police could find no sign of her. Four days later her mutilated body was discovered in a tin trunk left outside Horsforth Town Hall. The body had been wrapped in a shawl and had its throat cut. On 12 June, a Mrs Turner was questioned after the shawl had been traced to her and she confessed to helping her son dispose of the body. He denied murdering the child and claimed that a quarryman called Jack had asked him to dispose of the trunk. He wasn't believed, and both he and his mother were charged with murder. They were tried at Leeds Assizes with the conclusion that Turner was sentenced to death, his mother to life imprisonment. Thirty two year old Turner was hanged by James Billington on the 18th August 1891 at Leeds.

Maybe Savile thought he was Jack the Ripper reincarnated, and wanted to thank Barbara for letting him murder her in a previous life?
Shocking discovery at Leeds

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