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3rd January 1970 View outside Leeds Register office after the wedding of student nurse Barbara Waterhouse and theatre technician Alex Richardson. They both worked at Leeds General Infirmary. Jimmy Savile, disc jockey and television personality, can be seen behind the couple. He acted as the brides chauffeur, driving his own Rolls Royce.

Coming across this photo, I wondered what would make Savile carry out this act of kindness, in the midst of his cycle of abuse. Chauffeuring around the couple on their wedding day, possibly just for the publicity, or given that they both worked at Leeds General Infirmary, was there more to it?

Coincidently 7 years later another Richardson, Irene Richardson, was murdered by the Ripper just beside the Yorkshire home of Savile in Roundhay Park.

While Sutcliffe drove her to Roundhay Park, she said she needed a toilet. On arrival - and despite the nearby presence of some public toilets - she removed her coat and boots and squatted on the grass.

In such a vulnerable position, she stood no chance when Sutcliffe attacked. With 2 or 3 blows of his hammer so forceful that parts of her skull were driven nearly an inch into her brain, she was dead in seconds. But by now, death alone was not enough to satisfy the Ripper.

Taking out a Stanley knife, he proceeded to slash her neck, throat and abdomen. So severe and deep were the cuts that her intestines spilled out of her body. Hearing voices nearby, Sutcliffe arranged her clothes - covering her legs with her coat - and then fled the scene, home to safety in Bradford without even discarding any of his clothes.

As Sutcliffe, who worked at a mortuary during his teen years was to proclaim in court, the 'voices' told him to do it.

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