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Conservative Party vice-chairman Alan Lewis is listed as executive patron on the website of the Kings Science Academy and his company, the Hartley Group, owns the school site in Northside Road, Lidget Green.

Here's some background on Conservative Party vice-chairman Alan Lewis connected to the school:

Tory vice-chairman Alan Lewis arrested over 1960s rape allegation
Conservative party refuses to comment after Greater Manchester police arrest and question 75-year-old Lewis, Saturday 28 September 2013
A Conservative vice-chairman has been arrested on suspicion of rape, relating to an alleged offence more than 40 years ago.

Alan Lewis, 75, was arrested by Greater Manchester Police after a woman claimed she was attacked in the late 1960s.

Mr Lewis was appointed vice-chairman for business relations by David Cameron in 2010. He has been released on bail.

A party spokesman said: “This is an ongoing police matter so we are not able to make any comments.”

Mr Lewis is a successful entrepreneur who owns the Crombie clothing chain, and is one of nine Conservative Party vice-chairmen.

In 1990, he was made a CBE for his services as chairman of the Confederation of British Industry’s initiative to prepare British businesses to the single market.

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