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Iamwave yes the elites are trying to sow chaos, friction, and division.

It isn't merely on race, but that does play a big part.

They are trying to get everybody fighting based on race, gender, religion, political ideology.

The U.S. for example is probably more politically divided than it is racially divided, but again race plays a big role in political ideology. The right wing IS driven by white identity politics. This is undeniable, while the left focuses on egalitarianism, which unfortunately many on the right see as "against white interests"

Now there are fringe idiots and crazies on the left who push divisive racist nonsense as well, like that black transgendered Loreal model. But what is important here is that this is a very FRINGE element of the LEFT. For example the ALT RIGHT is a much bigger and much more influential element of society than these crazies on the left. And it is the very ALT RIGHT, that is always bringing up these crazy fringe element to try and falsely paint the picture that these fringe elements are actually larger and more of a general trend in society than they really are.

The Alt right/light are much more skilled at hiding their racism behind clever rhetoric and propaganda, while these left wing nuts seem to be very unintelligent when it comes to this. Again I believe this is intentional. I believe these people are bein told to do this outright so in effect they become the right wing talking point and a pretext to further radicalize the right.

There is a worldwide movement by the elites, a psy op if you will to make the right wing scared and angry, and reactionary. This is INTENTIONAL.

Whether it is fear of "gun confiscation" "Islamic domination" "white genocide" "cultural genocide" this fear is being stoked intentionally. Like I have said before, and we both agree on the symptoms of all of this, but we disagree on why it is being done.

You seem to think they are legitimately trying to destroy Europeans/white people, what I am absolutely convinced of is that THEY WANT YOU TO THINK THAT. IN actuality the real goal is radicalization of the right wing based on fear and manipulation so they can create a mass reactionary movement similar to Nazi Germany. This movement will be used to further the next stage of the NWO. All the stages and propaganda elements the Nazis and Progressives enacted back then are identical today.

They want the public split and fractured with our energies focused on one another instead of it focused as a cohesive unit above on to them.

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