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Originally Posted by northernlass View Post
I cracked and bought a new tree as someone lost the lead off old fibre optic one, I dont do all the big fancy stuff but a nice tree with sparkly lights and a few penguins etc underneath on *snow* keeps kids happy without too much effort
Me too, I bought a fake tree with lights about 6 years ago now, and lots of lights, not much other decorations. I have lights out the front of the house and lights out the back on the verandah. I start this on December 1st and take it all down end of second week in January.

I do not 'celebrate' anything at all, I just love the pretty lights inside and outside my house.

These past few years I do have intentions. I am celebrating my freedom to do this and to show the friggin muslims that they have christian based belief people in the community. The muslims and NWO are forcing all signs of chrisitanity out of our schools and shopping centres, work places and more but they cant stop us in our homes. (I am sure they will try though).
Not sure what I believe about religion being taught at schools or not, but I you certainly cannot take away from the fact that our laws are based on biblical and common law, with christian values, and I do object severely when the muslim minority (soon to be majority at the rate they breed) are demanding huge changes in the Australian values and way of life.

So YES, I put my christmas tree and lights up for as long as possible and always will from now on. It is all so pretty and I love pretty stuff. This world is far too depressing without it.
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