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These are relevant to the Savile story in my opinion.
Whether they are relevant to the particular timeline
you're creating is up to you

a). Late 1950's Savile visits Moscow - USSR (he doesn't give
a date in the biography).

"Savile visited Moscow late 1950's.

He makes blase excuses for all his trips abroad.

"The Moscow trip was hysterical. Quite a long battle it was
for me to get a visa. It was in the late 1950's and the cold
war was really cold. A Britisher to go to Moscow on his own,
for no reason, was definitely suspect". - Tajas.

b). While working at the Leeds "ballroom" he's involved (on the
periphery) in the murder of a Leeds woman, whose body is mutilated
and dumped in carrier bags.

That 'Tajas' person posted something on this, but I can't find
the damn thing.

c). Immediately on the cessation of hostilities in Europe, 1945,
Savile embarks on a cycling trip to Calais.

"I happened to read one day that the cross-Channel ferries
had started. Freedom was too tempting..."

He was most concerned to get to Le Touquet, though.

Struggled his way for four days through post-War Calais
to get there.

Took a look at the "shattered" Hotel Picardy, then
immediately set off back for home!" - Tajas.

Hope they're of some use.
Keep up the good stuff.
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