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A great site someone showed me is

TONS of great information there. Hope it helps!!

Oh, in case anybody hasn't seen this 2 hour presentation by David Ayoub, MD. Please watch this if you haven't already, it is absolutely essential. Here's the vid:

Here are some notes I made while watching this:

- Organic Mercury is Thimerosal, a "preservative" that has been in vaccines since the early 1930's. (he even mentions that it was a Rockefeller scientist behind the introduction of mercury in vaccines)

- It is .01% solution thimerosal, which is a .5cc dose, which is approx. 25 micrograms of mercury. Sounds harmless with those numbers doesn't it?

- Water is deemed not usable with as little as 2ppb of mercury

- Toxic waste is deemed "toxic" at 200ppb of mercury

- The EPA will allow 730-1,450ppb of mercury in fish before it is unedible

- Mercury dosage in an average vaccine? 50,000ppb of mercury

Then you look at the organization known as G.A.V.I. - the Global Allience for Vaccination and Immunization. Bascially they promote health through strictly vaccination in third world countries.

And then, you look at the NSSM 200, which is the National Security Study Memorandum 200. They openly advocate population control.

Now, who are members on both of these global organziations?

World Bank
WHO (world health organiziation)
Donor Countries
"private organizations and groups"

NSSM 200
World Bank
Donor Countries
"private organizations and groups"

They are EXACTLY the same! If that doesn't ring some alarm bells then what will?

Also, I personally have allergies, and when I was around 13 or 14 or so, I recieved the prick test for allergies. Just on my own persoanl experiance, I haven't recieved any negative health problems that I could think of from it. I also did allergy shots for about a year or two. It didn't give me any problems, but that's not to say it couldn't affect someone else differently since we all react in differant ways to these things.
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