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Originally Posted by jesuitsdidit View Post
IMPORTANT This video could save your life Part 1 of 8 PLEASE SHARE

IMPORTANT This video could save your life Part 1 of 8 PLEASE SHARE


This is the one of the most important broadcasts ever on an internet radio station. Whats Ailing America with Dr. Rebecca Carley, Patrick Jordan, Jane Burgermeister and Dr. Patricia Jordan. 12/07/2009
in part 6 06:51 dr jordan says
re bird flu in Indonesia that was so bad
"h3n2 n h5n1
h3n2 makes human2human infection transmissable
baxter mixed both with the seasonal flu virus"

also says 07.30
many universities have warned that theres sth in pet vaccines thats affecting humans
cites recent resurgence of rabies cases and other viruses
and that this is a deliberate programme

also says 08.15
french doctor mark gerard? did 36k hrs research on hep B 4 the fr govt
and recommends filing charges against WHO bcoz says WHO was recommending vaccines that they shdnt hav done

also says 09.20
that with Indonesia they created the most lethal strains of the bird flu h5n1

also says part 7 00.01
the entire genetic sequence of the horse flu h3n8 has now transmitted to canines
eg they found that horses racing on a track in florida that had had a vaccine sprayed up their noses
this strain was then picked up by the greyhounds racing on the same track later
this they (the govt) say is a 'very rare event'

also says 02.50
theres no point fighting them with guns as this will give them the excuse
to bring in martial law
says we hav 2 fight them with truth, evidence and the law..
Death Penalty now Valid in Europe posts 3 & 4
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