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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
Can anyone provide any examples where he advises people how to effectively do something about the tyranny? Can anyone provide any examples where he encourages people to go and wake up other people in any way? I hear a lot of people telling me he does, but I am - so far anyway - short of examples. Thank you.
I like to think I'm bit of an expert on Alex s world view and work. Since I discovered him around 1999 I have listened to his radio show (2-3hrs a day) every day , I may have missed perhaps about 5% of shows in the 14years, I don't think many people (outside of a lunatic asylum) can make such a claim.
His whole energy is spent doing nothing but encouraging people to wake others up , he sees this as an information war that's why his site is
Many times people call into his show advocating violence of some kind, and he always stresses that we can't beat the NWO this way , violent rebellion is what they want, to have a reason to ratchet up the police state, He always stresses this is an infowar and to spread the word. He remembers Romanian and how the Dictator Ceausescu was brought down by the shear number of people that turned out , the police were overwhelmed, saw it was the will of the people ,and stood down, this is what he hopes for in the US.
Jones would say another area for hope is the US military. Word is that about 90%of the military are aware of whats going thanks to his show, the hope here is for a military coup, or at least refuseal to confiscate guns when ordered.
Posters on this tread would do better to direct their vitriol at the NWO rather than at THE most prominent hero in our movement.
As for providing 'specific examples where he encourages people to go and wake up other people' these are all throughout his broadcasts but not easy to put your figures on quickly because how would you search them? But as I say I listen every day and will provide you the link when the subject pops up.

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