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Brexit Revolution and Counter-Revolution
By Takis Fotopoulos
Global Research, July 10, 2016

Why a Brexit revolution?

June 23rd 2016 is the day that may change history. Not only in Britain itself but also in Europe as a whole––which is now controlled by the European branch of the Transnational Elite (TE), that is the network of transnational political, economic, media and cultural elites, mainly based in the G7 countries which run the world. The British referendum was a terrific slap in the faces, not only of the Euro-elites, but also the whole Transnational Elite and the neoliberal globalization run by it. That is, a globalization that has already pushed billions of people around the world (including the British) to economic and social degradation, or, alternatively, to physical extermination and dislocation through the wars unleashed during its rule (from Yugoslavia to Iraq and Afghanistan, and from Libya and Syria to Ukraine).[1]

It was a terrific slap because the British people did not buckle, despite the brutal campaign by the Transnational Elite to force them, using all means at its disposal, including the mass media controlled by them.[2] The `Project Fear dismally failed because, as the flagship of the globalist “Left” pointed out, its “fundamental mistake was that it did not understand that far too many Britons, already living insecure and uncertain lives, felt they had little to lose… the typical pay packet is the same now as at the time of the 2008 crash.”[3] Even the war criminal, Nobel Peace laureate Obama, was mobilized to go to London to declare that Britain will suffer disaster if it leaves the EU (clearly worried by the possible serious ramifications of Brexit with respect to the forthcoming US elections), while the equally criminal Tusk (who, after having organized the murderous coup in Ukraine as prime minister of Poland, was rewarded with the Presidency of the European Council!) spoke about a possible destruction of Western civilization following a Brexit,[4] unashamedly identifying the latter with he criminal NWO of which he is a minor apparatchik.

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when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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