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great peice from Davids headlines today...worth reading the whole piece (link below)

Alternative Power Centers Running the World
Harun Yahya

Following the Cold War, a new model was developed where think tanks came into prominence. It appears that the 21st century will be a period where governments will be directed by think tanks and non-governmental organizations, which are their field branches.

In fact, the CIA is now known to be almost controlled by Stratfor and the Rand Corporation. The UK's Chatham House or its little American brother, the Council on Foreign Relations, have become the places where the foreign policies of nations are determined. Economic policies are shaped by rating corporations like Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s.

These so-called independent and non-profit organizations are self-authorized. They attained power without any accountability. The Heritage Foundation, which is considered as one of the ten most effective think tanks of the world, develops policies for the Republican governments of the USA. With its Washington, Brussels, Moscow, Beirut, Beijing and New Delhi offices, the Carnegie Endowment is in a position as a worldwide center of influence.

Generating ideas was not the only thing think tanks were doing. Along with the Open Society Foundation of George Soros in particular, many think tanks have expanded their operations to the field through non-governmental organizations. They exerted actual pressure on governments. The first activity of OTPOR, the field group of Open Society Foundation, was to overthrow Milosevic's government in Serbia. After that, countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Moldova experienced so-called public movements named "color revolutions". The Arab Spring which started in Tunisia and spread quickly had a similar foundation. Through these rebellions, the ideas generated by various think tanks were put into practice in the field.

read whole article here:
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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