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Default NWO imperialism: Order from the chaos

The modus operandi of the NWO clique who are setting out to build a global government that they will control involves a number of ploys which they use over and over again

One of the ones i'd like to highlight in thsi thread is how they destroy a country before then building it up again in the way in which they wish it to be

The aim of the NWO el-ite is to get everyone in the world dependent on the corporate system for everything

The corproate system would like to deprive humans of the ability to do anything for themselves.

Farmers able to grow their own food and hunt for bush meat and build their own homes and clothes in africa are a direct obstacle to the NWO

Also any countries that have their own resource such as oil which is why oil countries are aggressively attacked by NATO militaries

What the corporations are doing is blowing up the infrastructure of any countries like libya, iraq and syria which have their own energy supply and then sending in their corporations afterwards to 'rebuild' it which means to rebuild and re-arrange the country in such a way that they are then dependent on those corproations for services and will forever be indebted to them and paying profits to them

It's corproate fascism at work where western governments have been taken over by a corporate el-ite who are using the militaries of those countries to expand their corporate empire or as major-general smedley butler said: ''war is a racket''

Here's an article today about £750 million of 'aid' that is to be paid by the Uk to re-order afghanisathan

of course they dress this up as a charitable act but really this is about altering the afghan way of life to fit them and their country and system for absorption into the corporate-fascist NWO

article in next post...
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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