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Originally Posted by rumpelstilzchen View Post
Nice post, rob. However, you are ignoring the point I am making.

I have withdrawn consent to be identified by any name.
I do not wish to identify myself.
I am suspected of committing a common law crime.
How would I be prosecuted?
Would I be forced to accept a name to identify me, whether I consented to it or not?

Disagreeing is trolling?
Well you used the golden operative word didn't you rumple. YOu've been here from the start but are just playing stupid over and over again.

The word Pro Se is right there telling us EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Let the man be judged under common law for his crimes by his peers. The punishment may be severe. Let the judge testify under penalty of perjury. Shame he won't get to read this will he?

Are you giving his pro se cutor tips from us on here? Prepare for battle so to speak.
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