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Originally Posted by mrdragonfly1234 View Post

Long story short,

What is the nature of our minds ? Is it something that could be completely free from time and space ? Let's say that the entire site of this forum with it's entire posts in the last 5 years have been packaged in a computer memory chip.

They would consist of a few grams of precious metals, silicone and plastic in material. But we look closely, it is the dense aggregation of signals between"0" and "1".

But we all know that they contain thousands of many people's thoughts.

Are these thoughts now free from the restriction of time and space ? Then what are we, who can create these timeless, spaceless ideas but bound by time and space ?
"Time" is just an expression of impermanence.

It's the nature of everything to be continuously changing because nothing has any fixed, inherent and independent nature of it's own.

There are no 'things' when you examine them closely; all 'things' are without stable, lasting boundaries or any other definable and permanent qualities that can be pinpointed and identified as their eternal essence or thing-ness.

Things only appear to 'exist' as things until causes and conditions change those things into the appearance of different things, e.g. an acorn becomes a tree, an iceblock becomes a puddle of water.

The experience of that natural process of change and impermanence that is continuously and simultaneously occuring on the subatomic level, as your thoughts, emotions and perceptions, and on the macro and cosmic scales, is another "thing" we apply a label to, and we call it "time."

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