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Originally Posted by david chow View Post
I do acknowledge that ash clouds can disrupt engines and pose a threat to some extent, however I do not believe this Icelandic volcano has been spewing enough ash to shut down the skies over Europe like this. Volcanic eruptions are common, but this is the first time we have seen something like this occur with the airlines.

What is going on in the skies over Europe? I do believe the volcanic ash is a coverup. The airliners keep being told that there is too much ash and it would pose a flight risk, the airliners have tested empty flights and had no problems at all. BILLIONS of dollars have been lost so far.

If anyone agrees this is a cover-up, please give your idea on what is going on up there. I can only fathom it's either some type of military test on a massive level, or something extraterrestrial that is staying in the skies over Europe longer than we are used to.

Iceland is at war with England/Europe over bank failures, not giving English depositors money back etc...HAARP technology could easily instigate volcanic activity, which has ruined Icelandic economy even more...
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