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John McCain wasn’t just dumb; he was stooopid! We’re talking a “special” kind of dumb, as in retarded.
After McCain went to an elite boarding school, he went to the Naval Academy at Annapolis where he finished 894 out of 899 students (the bottom 0.5% of his class).

With his daddy and grandfather 4 star admirals in the Navy, McCain didn’t have to worry about getting ahead.
Possibly John McCain was among the top 0.5% of corruption though:

In the following video, in May 2007, John McCain admits that he graduated 5th from the bottom of my class.
In another short section, he tells that he can barely get the news clips that have my name on them (better watch it quick before it’s gone!).

See school buddy of Robert Mueller, Bonesman John Kerry (far left) and McCain (centre-right) with (other) psychopaths of the Saudi Royal Family after meeting King Salman, Riyadh, January 2015.
Do NOT ever read my posts.
Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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