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Wicked idea for a thread Monkfish

I really love trees, which is a big reason why I moved to a forest.

Once on a car journey I saw a field with 3 large trees, I think they were oaks if I remember rightly. One of the trees was dead and I swear I could tell that the other two large trees near the dead tree were upset because they had lost their friend.

Other times I just get a really good vibe about a tree and have to go and sit near it. Last year when I was ill there was a pine tree opposite my house that had a really healing vibe about it.

After my Reiki 1 attunement I gave Reiki to a Beech tree while out on a run, much to my embarrasment I lady came along walking her dog

I wouldn't describe the communication I have had with trees as verbal, I find it is more like feelings and impressions.
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