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[QUOTE=tildatod;1062669726]Joanofarc ate peaches after devouring half an ommelette.

Cosmic had two slices of toast with cheese and bacon.

Cosmic you've got some leg trouble. haha, I know that from another thread. Damn, this is a bit challenging. Ok.... your loo roll needs replacing, someone is smoking near you, there are doves or pigeons outside your window (because we talked of birds the other day?), your ironing is waiting to be done, a friend has promised to visit you this Saturday, and there is a woman with a pink handbag holding a phone.

OK summary:

Meal totally wrong, I had a lamb chop, bak-ed potato and petit pois, followed by a banana.

Amidst all my other physical crises my left leg made a total recovery about 3 weeks ago. I now have a totally different set of ailments to deal with.
There is enough bogroll in this house to sink a ship. Right about the (Wood)pigeon and collared doves, they're here everyday. Ironing is done. No promise of any visit from anyone this Saturday. The only person who smokes in here is me.

Intrigued by She with the pink handbag holding a phone...who IS SHE ???!! Never heard of her...

...good try though....

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