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Originally Posted by howie View Post
in the file named 302 Distinguishing Marks.MOV

he describes how 2 female teachers sodomise him with a strap-on willy & it makes him bleed more than the mens willies, the other female teacher makes him lick her privates.

in other clips he describes how social services take babies off people & a shoemaker from a London tube station makes shoes from the skin off the babies feet which his teachers keep hidden at the school.

he says Mcdonalds staff are involved as well as staff from Starbucks & Pizza Express in Hampstead.

He gives the full names & describes tattoos, piercings & warts on his abusers who include teachers & the parents of other children in his class.
Thanks for the overview.
I couldn't watch any more video after those two above.
Why police don't take any notice of it? Well, I am not surprised.
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