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Default Help Me Solve This Problem Please !

Throughout nature and physics we have equal and opposites.

Man and Woman, cold and heat, hard and soft, magnetic positive and negative, doublr helix of DNA, there are many more and the saying goes that opposites attract.

Therefore negative would attract positive, man attracts women, a magnet attracts the opposing pole etc.

Then we have the law of attraction which says we get what we put in, we give love and that is what we will attract, we give negative and we will attreact negative.

These two laws seem apposed to each other unless you view those two laws as equal and opposite laws !

If we attract opposites then is the world really in better shape than we realize and all the trouble going on is just a balance for all the good, (equal and opposite).

Or is it the other way around and we have a chaotic world due to the world being full of negative enery ?

Whats your thoughts on seemingly two opposing laws ?
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