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The great divide that's even greater than Theresa May's historic defeat
John Brindley (Staff Author)
19 hours ago

WOW! 432 votes to 202 is a crushing defeat by any standards.

But there’s an even more telling statistic than the one currently on our lips after Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal deal took a hammering in the House of Commons.

And that figure is 480 against just 160 – the Press Association’s poll of how MPs had decided to vote in the historic 2016 referendum.

That’s 480 or around 75 per cent in favour of Remain, the losing side in the people’s poll.

And just 160 or 25 per cent for Leave, the people’s choice.

That sums up why we appear to be in such a paralysed mess as we approach our scheduled departure date from the European Union on March 29.

Without doubt, there exists a huge divide between elected politicians and the country, or electorate, they supposedly represent on the most important issue to face the United Kingdom for a generation.

It’s not primarily about the European Union, although they are notoriously difficult and pedantic people to negotiate with.

The main obstacle to what should, in theory, be a straightforward task of leaving the EU lies within our own political system.
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