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Britons 'will continue to hand over £200million in aid to Bangladesh' - despite fears country's government rigged elections to stay in power

UK's aid package includes £16 million for a project to aid political participation
On polling day 17 people were killed and ballots boxes were tampered with
A mother-of-four was gang-raped as punishment for voting against the government.

By Barbara Jones for The Mail on Sunday
Published: 01:24, 6 January 2019 | Updated: 01:33, 6 January 2019

British taxpayers will continue to hand over £200 million in aid to Bangladesh, despite fears the country’s government rigged last week’s election to stay in power, a Foreign Office Minister has said.

The UK’s mammoth aid package includes £16 million for the ‘Strengthening Political Participation’ project, intended to boost ‘locally led election observation and support civil society to demand more accountable politics’.

On polling day, 17 people were killed in clashes, hundreds of opposition officials were arrested, ballot boxes were tampered with and a mother of four was gang-raped as punishment for voting against the government.

Britain, the EU and US are all calling for an investigation after the incumbent Awami League party led by Sheikh Hasina, 71, claimed a third term in office after taking 288 of the country’s 298 parliamentary seats with 96 per cent of the vote.
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