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An army of social justice warriors

While the germans look to recruit non-germans into their army the british army has called for more people from around the commonwealth to join its ranks and now has a recruitment drive appealing to various 'liberal' elements of society cos they are the kind of people you want next to you in your fox hole when the shit hits the fans! Leaves you wondering why these european armies suddenly need so many personnel when they are not in a war?

is this just what happens when you out-source your recruitment to private companies? Inevitably big corporations that are part of the corporate network will ALWAYS push a politically correct agenda so they will always seek to shoulder out white men in favour of...well anybody including refugess that are total strangers and have no loyalty to the country at all...

They have paid Capita £495 million to handle army recruitment according the article below but i could improve the armies recruitment FOR FREE! All you need to do is pull our armies back from illegal foreign wars and assert that their role will be one of protecting the british people NOT the interests of the big corporations. You could then use the british military on british soil for humanitarian efforts. Also drop the requirement to swear allegiance to the queen and instead get them to swear allegiance to the british people. Then I'd consider joining; i'd work to defend my community but i'm not going to fight to defend the queen or to make rich people richer

'Any f*****, we're desperate!': Furious soldiers take aim at Army's new £1.5m recruitment drive calling on Snowflakes and Phone Zombies

New poster campaign appeals to computer game geeks and selfie addicts
The campaign is said to have cost the Army around £1.5million to put together
But angry soldiers have hit back at the campaign mocking the intended targets
One example replaces the term 'snowflake' with 'any f****r... we're desperate'
Another called on swingers to enlist as the Army could use their team work

By MailOnline Reporter
Published: 09:06, 4 January 2019 | Updated: 18:08, 4 January 2019

The £1.5 million campaign shows six soldiers with labels of modern stereotypes including 'millennials' and 'phone zombies' in a bid to appeal to a wider pool of talent. One of the mocked up posters replaces the 'snowflakes' with 'any f*****r* adding 'we're desperate' at the end of the 'your army needs you' slogan. Another replaces 'phone zombies' with 'swingers', cheekily suggesting that the Army could use their team spirit. The new drive comes as the Army failed to meet recruitment targets as it 'under-estimated the complexity of what it was trying to achieve' when it embarked on a project with outsourcing giant Capita, according to a National Audit Office report in December. Capita was controversially awarded the £495 million contract for Army recruitment in 2012, but the Army has not recruited the number of soldiers it requires in any year since the contract began.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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