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Choice is between TWO bad deals or what 17.4 million voted for.....
John Brindley (Staff Author)
1 hour ago

Unlimited immigration into the United Kingdom was a huge factor in 17.4m voting to leave.

That’s not because we’ve all painted our faces red, white and blue and turned into a nation of racists but because we aren’t daft enough not to notice that public services here are coming apart at the seams.

Immigrants are not, it must be said, the main cause of this – and should be defended as human beings with rights as strongly as possible.

But the numbers were just not adding up. We can’t go on indefinitely adding to Britain’s population and expect anything other than our problems with the National Health Service, to get still worse.

Then there is the destruction of our fisheries and agriculture and the ever-growing fear that we might become part of an EU army.

For it’s not just the parlous and dangerous state of the EU now that we must consider but it’s likely direction of travel in the future.

It is designed to become more and more of a political union with German Chancellor Angela Merkel putting her cards fairly and squarely only a couple of days ago by insisting that countries should be willing to give up their sovereignty.

Add in the fact that the EU is among the most bureaucratic and unaccountable organisations on the planet with unelected and faceless members of the European Commission being handed real influence in how Britain is run.

Look again at the disastrous financial trends in the Eurozone – of which Britain thankfully stayed apart from – and the queue of countries waiting for the chance to be given the chance to register their disapproval via the ballot box.

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