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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
how would you know if there was standardisation if the circles have been sabotaged?
Maybe you can fill the gaps in then?

i guess the growing numbers of people who can understand what i'm talking about is some sort of testement to that
Lets see a demonstration of this power then. Surely you can create great changes in the world? people accepting your beliefs is not really power in the same way that flat earthers have a false set of beliefs which give no power, yet gather followers.

Not everyone can handle harsh truths
Even fewer can wield them yet some think they they hold the sword of truth!
I shoot up vertically like an arrow, and become that Above. But it is death, and the flame of the pyre. Ascend in the flame of the pyre, O my soul! Thy God is like the cold emptiness of the utmost heaven, into which thou radiatest thy little light.

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