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Originally Posted by techman View Post
I think 1984 is happening though, but not the traditional "police state, boot stamped in your face...forever" image we seem to have envisioned through conspiracy literature and Orwell's book. I've always 1984 in the way of surveillance is more subtle and less in your face, but it is still alive and well taking everyone's privacy away in manner of ways. Look back when you were a child growing up (unless you were born post 2000) and notice the things which you once could do and go that are now off limits, going to public places were there wasn't a single CCTV camera anywhere, even a Bank didn't need one, and see how everywhere has CCTV watching you as if you're up to no good. Even ambulances and fire engines have CCTV cameras on board, and if they go past your property they can film your house and you (if you happen to be visible, even lounging in your garden).

Go to a train station these days and your met by jobsworth storm stoppers and turnstiles - no freedom to go where you want to only pushed around like being a cattle in a pen.
That which I have highlighted was way back in '84 - the original SPG to tackle the unions and others whenever they felt like it.
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