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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
FFS just YESTERDAY in the political manipulation sub forum you said anyone who is speaking against the U.N or E.U is either a zionist shill or being manipulated by zionist propaganda

you said it , not me

*edit* and just to give clarity here it is

So by proxy you are saying anyone who has a view that the E.U is a bad thing is being either manipulated by zionist propaganda OR they are zionist shills themselves

It's amazing too that you will say other ''zionist'' plots are :

really ? that's just a zionist conspiracy theory is it ?

so this isn't real then ?

page 4 , page 5 ,

and that is just the start if you want me to provide evidence that yes, your marxist pals are making a comfortable bed with Islamic fundamentalists

now the amazing thing is I would like nothing more than the bloody PROOF and the TRUTH to come out that western govts have been funding an encouraging the growth of fundamentalist Islam around the world , and when we get close , such finding out Obama literally ordered the stand down of an investigation into supplying arms to the middle east ILLEGALLY that is immediately jumped on as more zionist propaganda because you gusy would rather save face than face the truth

so then where exactly did I tell a lie ?

just can't say that and not be called up on it

Yep, and the poster was online with plenty of time on DI forum to post back, he chose not too...taking his time to concoct a reply which he couldn't of, off the cuff because he knew he would be found out. I will say this though.. we are being played against one another, but to overt that relies on all played parties to realize this. Unfortunately the bastards know this wont happen and they are playing survival off, against survival of another sect which we call the human race. In one respect we have members of this forum telling us we are falling into the trap to hate one another and the other half saying, we know this but how do we fight it other than what we know to fight. How do you get all sides to fight a common enemy without turning on each other. I dont know, wish I did.

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