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Default Police dog attacks man for minutes, for no bicycle light

I´ve found a horrific video of a policeman that orders his dog to tear on the arm of some victim that was riding on his bike without lights (in the dark). A clear example of a (criminal) cop committing a violent felony against a victim that has only violated a minor traffic law.
This video speaks louder than words:

During the video the cop repeatedly screams at the man that he must “stop resisting”, while his arm is being shewed for minutes by the K9 he answers “I´m not resisting”. After the cop finally takes the dog of the man, his blood is rushing out.
The victim is scarred for life, the story tells that he´s suffering from mental health problems, so by now probably his torture is continuing in some psychiatric hospital, where his brain will be permanently damaged.
I think a strong case can be made that this police man is a psychopath; if I understand correctly the police man was so proud with how he handled this dangerous man, that he himself uploaded the video:

I´ve read in the comments on this story by James Bacon that this same cop “accidently” shot and killed a woman in the Citizen's Police academy.
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