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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
I can easily deal with electronic signals.

I did a teacher training recently in Morocco and was hit with a high pitched frequency 'buzz' which is often used as a disassociative trigger. I just shrugged it off like a boss... unspooked.

That's as far as it goes with EM. The rest is actual consciousness projection and possession. EM us only used to trigger a trance.

The only people who rant about electronic harrassment and electronic voices talking to them on a daily basis are schizophrenics.

It isn't EM. It's demonic and psychic.
You sound like you are possessed by their AI to be honest. I asked you about the illuminati...

And I happen to know quite a lot about electromagnetics. You are quite full of shit to be frank. You've done little research, and have zero experiences with this that show you the truth.

Electronic harassment is very real. So that is two major parts of the rabbit hole you cannot grasp EDL. ETs and electronic harassment. The illuminati didn't want you for your intelligence(if that is even true what you claim)...
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